From Version 2.x to 2.5

What has changed

As of version 2.5 the SetaPDF-FormFiller component allows you to fill in static and dynamic XFA forms.  

If an XFA form was loaded in a version before 2.5 it was a must to introduce the component to remove these information by calling setRemoveXfaInformation(). Otherwise the component had thrown an exception if you'd tried to access a field instance.

If you want to benefit from the new XFA support you should remove this call from your php scripts. Anyhow it's still possible to remove the XFA information. 

Removed Classes

In version 2.5 the SetaPDF_FormFiller_Exception_Xfa exception class was removed. If you rely on that specific exception you will need to refactor your php code.

Deprecated Methods

The save() method of the SetaPDF_FormFiller class is marked as deprecated as of version 2.5. It's only a proxy method to the SetaPDF_Core_Document::save() method as of version 2.5 and has no other functionallity.