Field Types Overview of Available Field Types


A form field is represented by a field type specific object instance that all implements the field interface:

Field Interface

All instances implements the SetaPDF_FormFiller_Field_FieldInterface interface.

General Field Properties

The interface defines specific setters and getters for general field properties:

Read Only

A field could be defined as read-only. Because it is "only" a flag the SetaPDF-FormFiller component is still able to set its value. If you want to respect this flag, you have to check for it your own. 

This flag could be accessed with the following methods: 


Checks if a field is marked as read-only.


Sets a field to read-only or not.


If this flag is set, the field shall have a value at the time it is exported by a submit-form action. 


Checks if a field is marked as required.


Sets a field to be required or not.

No Export

If this flag is set the field value shall not be exported by a submit-form action. 


Get the info, if the field is marked as "no export".


Sets the "no export" flag.