List Fields


A list field contains and displays several text items in a scrollable list box. It is represented by the SetaPDF_FormFiller_Field_List class. 

Setting and Getting Values

The SetaPDF_FormFiller_Field_List class offers, as any other field implementation, the getValue() and setValue() methods:


Get the current value(s).


Set the fields value / Selects the options.

The options of a list can have an export value and a visible value. Following method could be used to get the visible value: 


Get the current visible value(s).

To get the complete options list following method is available:


Get the options and the export values.

Field Type Specific Properties

Multi Select

A list field can have several active options if this flag is set. It can be handled by following methods:  


Checks if the field is a multi select field.


Sets if the field is a multi select field.


// get the fields
$fields = $formFiller->getFields();
$listField = $fields->get('a simple list field');
$options = $listField->getOptions();
foreach ($options AS $index => $optionData) {
    echo 'Option ' . $index . "\n";
    echo 'Visible value: ' . $optionData['visibleValue'] . "\n";
    echo 'Export value: ' . $optionData['exportValue'] . "\n";
$listField->setValue(2); // select option with index 2
$listField2 = $fields->get('multiselect');
$value = $listField2->getValue(); // is_array($value) === true
$listField2->setValue(array(0, 4)); // select options with index 0 and 4
$listField3 = $fields->get('an additional list field');
$listField3->setValue('export value 2');